Sub MeterMaid

Want to save up to 50% on your DWP bill?

Let SubMeter Maid help you save money

on your DWP bill forever!


SubMeter Maid is a one-stop service that will equip your single-family home to cut your water bills in half in no time!

·        Submeters are devices that make it possible to accurately measure your sewage charges by separating the water that is used for watering your lawn from the water that goes through the sewer. The DWP is charging you for sewage fees that you aren’t using. Save up to 50% immediately in most cases.

·        SubMeter Maid will handle everything you need – permits, fees, installation, and inspection – to get your submeter working to save you money.

·        One low fee covers everything and you’ll earn the money back in lower DWP bills in less than a year!


For more information, or to make a submeter appointment, contact

SubMeter Maid NOW and lower your water bill.


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